Embark on a journey beyond traditional fitness with our unique program:

  • Over 45 Diverse Workouts:
    A variety of functional movements, designed not just for physical fitness, but to foster a deep mind-body connection and increase your self confidence, internal strength and personal power. (Movement examples - Pushups, squats, deadlifts, presses, planks and DB swings)
  • Short & Effective:
    Each session is under 10 minutes, fitting in easily into your busy schedules.
  • Minimal Equipment:
    Simple setup, with minimal equipment required. (Resistance bands and dumbbells)
  • Adaptable Intensity:
    Tailor each workout to match your comfort level and how you feel that day.
  • Intention Focused:
    Every movement is infused with powerful intentions, targeting not just your physical strength, but also bolstering your mental, emotional and spiritual strength.
  • Community and Support: A facebook community for encouragement and support.

Gain instant access to over 8 weeks of holistic workouts and guided affirmations designed to fortify your foundation of strength and confidence, inside and out.

Want 1:1 support as you navigate the workouts?

Add 3 or 8 one to one sessions at a discounted rate at check out!